Approval rule on Requested Item table creates an approval record but the [sc_req_item].[approval] field remains "Not yet requested".

Steps to Reproduce


0) Login an Express instance.
1) Create an Approval Rule on the Requested Item [sc_req_item] table with no conditions, requiring Approval by demo user Abel Tuter.
2) Open the Service Catalog and order an Apple iphone.
3) Observe the [sysapproval_approver] record is created for Abel Tuter.
4) Observe the Approval field on the RITM record is still "Not yet requested", even refreshing the form.


This is expected behaviour. The Approval engine is only used when the Request Item has a Delivery Plan associated with it. If the Request Item is being managed by the internal default workflow in Express, then the approval engines are automatically turned off.


Related Problem: PRB711970

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