Approval Summarizer for a financial request shows variables that have 'Visible on Summaries' set to false.


Steps to Reproduce


1. Login to a demo instance
2. Activate the plugin (along with demo data)- Finance Service Management
3. Create a formatter for Finance request table - System UI > Formatters. click New
4. Name: Financial Request Formatter
Formatter: com_glideapp_questionset_default_question_editor
Table: Finance Request [sn_sm_finance_request]
5. Save
6. Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Record Producers > Request a new Finance Report
7. Add a new Variable with 'Visible to Summaries' set to false
8. Configure Finance Request form to include the newly created formatter.
9. Create a finance request from the record producer - Request a new Finance Report
10, Go to sysapproval_approver.list
11. Click New
12. Create an approval record for the Request created from step 9. Submit
13. Now the approval record shows the approval summarizer. Notice that the variable that we configured not to show on Approval Summarizer is being displayed.


This is expected behaviour. The Approval Summarizer is a formatter which uses the UI Macro approval_summarizer_default (not accessible in Express instances), OOB for Catalog Tasks, Requested Items, and Service Catalog Requests.

The code in the UI Macro checks if there is any other active summarizer macro for any other table available, before otherwise using the default one, which shows the form view of the record.

Within the form view, the variables are added via the variable formatter, not the summarizer, hence they get shown. 

If the form is not loaded, but only the data is loaded in the summarizer in a list view, the variables remain hidden.

Related Problem: PRB654688

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Fuji Patch 8

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