The Knowledge search as you type feature behaves inconsistently for failing word stemming.
The same failing stems return unexpected results in global text search also not using the wildcard *.
The same inconsistency occurs on the type-ahead in the navigation pane, when trying to retrieve module names.

Steps to Reproduce


1 - Login an OOB instance
2 - Navigate to Self-Service > Knowledge
3 - In the top centre search box start typing: esc
Observe several KB results are returning.
4 - Continue typing: esca
Observe no results are showing.
5 - Continue typing: escal
Observe the resulting KBs are back.
6 - Continue typing: escalat
Observe no resulting KBs again.
7 - Try global text search for: escal
Observe the results appear even not using any wildcard.
8 - Try global text search for: escalat
Observe no results appear.


This is expected behaviour in the current releases, and has been identified as a possible future product enhancement.

The possibility to enable/disable instant search has been added in Fuji Patch 12, as part of PRB651674/KB0678254, through the system property ‘’. Out of the box, the instant search is disabled, with the property turned off.

Related Problem: PRB652306

Seen In

Geneva Patch 6 Hot Fix 2
Helsinki Patch 1
Helsinki Patch 2

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