Some system messages generated by task management are not translated in installed languages, but always show in English.
The screenshot below shows the info-message generated by the incident auto-close business rule.
In Express, administrators do not have access to the scripted business rules containing these messages.

Steps to Reproduce

1 - Login a demo OOB Express instance as administrator.
2 - Install an additional language, i.e. Dutch.
3 - Switch language to Dutch and observe the UI is all translated.
The examples below show the default English system messages:
-- When closing a Problem, the related incidents close with the message:
"Incident INC... has been automatically resolved based on closure of Problem PRB..."
-- When associating an Incident to a Problem, the UI info message shows:
"This Incident has been associated with Problem PRB..."
-- Email notes on an approval requests show summaries like:
"Summary of Requested items: RITM0..."


This problem is part of a larger product enhancement. Some of the system messages have been translated in Jakarta.

No workaround is applicable in Express, as the scripted Business Rules are not accessible.

Translation of Approval History or other messages stored in Journal field types will be covered by a future platform enhancement (Ref.: PRB719936/KB0677988).

Related Problem: PRB736817

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