Starting with Fuji Patch 13, updating the field Widget/View Macro on the [sc_layout_ui_macro_mtom] table causes Replace on upgrade to be set to true.
The issue does not occur if you modify other fields on the record.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Log into any instance on Fuji Patch 13 and newer
  2. Open any record on the table Widget/View Macros [sc_layout_ui_macro_mtom]
  3. Configure the form and display the field Replace  on upgrade 

  4. Modify the reference field Widget/View Macro with any other valid value to point to a different UI Macro 
  5. Do not change any other value on the form. Save the record
EXPECTED RESULT: Replace on upgrade should be set to false, to keep into account the record has been customized.
OBSERVED RESULT: Replace on upgrade is activated and set to true.



Revert to false the flag manually once the record is saved after step 5.

If you are trying to work around the issue after an upgrade that has overwritten a previously modified record:

  1. Open the Update Versions [sys_update_version] table list
  2. Filter by State = Previous
  3. Identify the relevant record and open the form
  4. Click on the related link Revert to this version in the bottom of the form


Related Problem: PRB688177

Seen In

Fuji Patch 13
Geneva Patch 6

Fixed In


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