The domainCache can be undersized for instances that have users assigned to 200+ groups causing slowness across instance.  Slowness is experienced as the instance must query information from the database instead of quickly accessing from the cache.

How to identify you are impacted?

Run the attached script in scripts background: PRB1059048_checkImpact.js

If the script returns "Impacted by PRB1059048", then you will want to implement the workaround or upgrade to a fixed version.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a user
  2. Assigned 200+ groups to that user
  3. Open a form
  4. Notice the form will take a long time as we are sening thousands of queries to the database regarding the domain


If impacted, navigate to /sys_properties_list.do and set 'glide.cache.size.domainCache' to 500

Related Problem: PRB1059048

Seen In

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Fixed In

Istanbul Patch 8
Jakarta Patch 2

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