Activity stream shows multiple duplicate entries every 2 minutes when a record is left open in a tab due to an invalid glide.sys.language setting (for example, en.US instead of en).

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Go to and modify the glide.sys.language property Value to be a locale value, for example, en.US.

  2. Navigate to Incident > Open, open an incident, and add a worknote.

    Leave the incident up in the tab and wait several minutes.

    Approximately every two minutes, the activity stream will poll for new updates. Each time the poll takes place, the worknote will be displayed again.

    These records are display only. If you reload the record they disappear from the display.

  3. If desired, perform additional verification steps.

    1. Copy the sys_id of the incident you've been watching.

    2. Go to, provide the sys_id you copied in the ID field, and click Submit.

      Note the multiple invalid history sets. These history sets are created in multiple (two or more) every time a record is viewed when the language is set incorrectly.



Set the glide.sys.language property to a valid two-character value (for example, en, jp, fr) rather than a local value with a period (for example, en.US).

The bad history sets have a language set to <two characters><period/dot>, for example, en. Delete all history sets (and associated history set lines) that meet that criteria

Related Problem: PRB1073938

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