When the default currency is changed from USD, prices in lists and prices in form become different. The list price values are converted to new default currency, the form values are not, even though both display the new selected currency symbol, i.e. GBP.


Steps to Reproduce

The steps below reproduce the issue on a cost currency column on an asset record, which is getting converted to $ in spite of € single currency set on the system properties:
- glide.i18n.single_currency = True
- glide.i18n.single_currency.code = EUR
Ensure OOB AJAXCurrencyValues script include is active
1. Navigate to alm_asset.LIST 
2. Click New
3. Select a model and model category for the asset
4. Set the cost for e.g. to 100
5. Submit
6. Navigate back to the relevant record on the alm_asset.LIST view and you will notice that the currency has been converted to USD amount. The currency code still shows the EURO symbol but the amount is converted
Now set the script include to inactive and do the same test again.
This time you will notice that the amount is not converted to $ / USD
Expected behavior
This table column should honour the single currency settings
Actual behavior
It does not honour single currency settings and converts it to $/USD instead.


This problem was fixed in Istanbul.

A workaround temporarily applicable on older (Enterprise only) instances would be to deactivate the OOB script include 'AJAXCurrencyValues'.

Related Problem: PRB648332

Seen In

Geneva Patch 7

Fixed In


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