Non-ITIL users cannot see the info for the record they are approving in Service Portal. ITIL users do see the info for the record they are approving.
In the standard interface outside of Service Portal, this is done through the approval summarizer, where the information is visible, but the ACL's for that are specific for the approval summarizer and do not work in Service Portal.


Steps to Reproduce


  1. Login an instance as administrator.
  2. Open a change request in need of approval.
  3. Add a non ITIL user as the approver of the change.
  4. Impersonate the selected non ITIL approver user.
  5. Navigate to Service Portal.
  6. Open the approval record related to the change.
  7. Observe the Approval request for Change Request widget will not show anything, because the user has no read access to the record. 



This problem is fixed in Jakarta.

For Istanbul instances, please find attached the Approval Record widget containing the fix. The file needs to be imported from any list, right-clicking the list header, and choosing Import XML.

Once an affected instance is upgraded to a release where this problem is fixed, it is necessary to revert to the latest OOB widget contained in the patch.

Related Problem: PRB714468

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 2

Fixed In


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