Group Email is not included as a notification recipient if the email address is the same as the address of a user that has been excluded (e.g. inactive, notification disabled).

If a user and group in the system with the same email exist, the group email notification recipients are not set correctly.

If a user and group have the same email, and a record is set to that assignment group, it sends to the user email instead. If the emails are different, then the group email works.

This is also visible via Preview notification on the notification form. The recipients show as stroke or they show.

Notification to group email is not sent if email address is the same as a user email and the user is excluded (e.g. inactive, notification disabled, etc)

Opening the notification, then clicking on Preview Notification, it shows the group email stroked.

Opening the notification, then clicking on "Preview Notification", it will show the group email stroked

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Ensure you have an email notification for the assignment group
  2. Set a group's group email field, for example CAB Approval, to the same as that of a user. For example,
  3. Set the user, for example, abel.tuter, notification disabled or inactive.
  4. Set an incident to have that group as an assignment group, for example, CAB Approval
  5. Navigate to the notification and perform as Preview based on the incident created.

As a result, in preview notification, you see the user's name/email. If the user is inactive, red is struck through the user name.



This issue is resolved in Jakarta Patch 8 and onwards.


- Group email is generally used to support externally managed distribution lists. Check if individual users have turned off notifications to opt out the group defined by an admin.

- Assign unique email addresses to users and groups. They should not share the same email address.

- Change the email address from either the group or user, and then preview the notification again and see the group email present.

Avoid having the same email for groups and users

Related Problem: PRB995233

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 8
Kingston Patch 2

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