Under certain circumstances, PA dashboard pages are not loading correctly. A white page is displayed and the dashboard dropdown list does not load. The server log indicates a NullPointerException.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Tables and access the Dashboard Permissions (pa_dashboards_permissions) table.

  2. Filter the list on the sys_id of a dashboard.

  3. In one of the records, in the Type field, replace the existing correct value (1, 2 or 3) with an invalid value, for example, 0 or 10.

  4. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards and try opening the altered dashboard.

    Note that the incorrect value causes the NullPointerException error.


  1. Create a fix script.

    1. Navigate to System Definition > Fix Scripts.
    2. Click New.
    3. Copy the content of the attached script.
    4. Define the fix script by completing the fields on the form. (The Name field is required. Run once should be unchecked.)
    5. Click Submit.
  2. From Related Links, click Run Fix Script.

    Invalid referenced roles, groups, users and types in the pa_dashboards_permissions table are identified.

    You can manually remove the invalid references based on the displayed sys_ids and tables or edit the script and run it again to remove the invalid references automatically.

  3. To remove the invalid references automatically, in line 4 of the script, change the value of var deleteInvalidRecord from false to true.

    If no invalid references are found, the message 'There are no permissions records that contain invalid references' is displayed.


Related Problem: PRB917832

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Istanbul Patch 6

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