Users are able to save widgets without providing mandatory information. If required mandatory fields are not filled in or configured, users should see a message that tells them to fill in the fields before saving the form.

When a Widget Name is empty, users might try to add a Widget to a Dashboard (by clicking the + icon on the right pane, and selecting Performance Analytics from the drop-down list. This attempt will fail and the popup message persistently says "Loading..."

At the same time, the following JavaScript error can be observed in the browser console:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

at js_includes_dashboards.jsx?v=08-28-2017_0947&lp=Mon_Oct_16_09_19_18_PDT_2017&c=11_202:115092
at js_includes_dashboards.jsx?v=08-28-2017_0947&lp=Mon_Oct_16_09_19_18_PDT_2017&c=11_202:78848
at r.$eval (js_includes_dashboards.jsx?v=08-28-2017_0947&lp=Mon_Oct_16_09_19_18_PDT_2017&c=11_202:78862)
at r.$digest (js_includes_dashboards.jsx?v=08-28-2017_0947&lp=Mon_Oct_16_09_19_18_PDT_2017&c=11_202:78859)
at r.$apply (js_includes_dashboards.jsx?v=08-28-2017_0947&lp=Mon_Oct_16_09_19_18_PDT_2017&c=11_202:78863)
at g (js_includes_dashboards.jsx?v=08-28-2017_0947&lp=Mon_Oct_16_09_19_18_PDT_2017&c=11_202:78816)
at T (js_includes_dashboards.jsx?v=08-28-2017_0947&lp=Mon_Oct_16_09_19_18_PDT_2017&c=11_202:78821)
at XMLHttpRequest.w.onload (js_includes_dashboards.jsx?v=08-28-2017_0947&lp=Mon_Oct_16_09_19_18_PDT_2017&c=11_202:78822)


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to Widgets > Create New.

  2. Right-click on the header and click Configure > Form Layout.

  3. Move the field 2nd Breakdown from Selected to Available and click Save.

  4. Create a pivot widget by giving an indicator a name and breakdown.

    Note that you are able to save the form, and NullPointerException errors appear when attempting to view the widget on the dashboard.

Another symptom of this issue:

  1. Open a dashboard and click the + sign on the top right side to add a widget.

  2. Select Performance Analytics in the drop-down list.

    Note that the message "Loading" appears and the contents don't load.



For a permanent fix, if you can upgrade, check the Fixed In field and upgrade to releases where this problem is fixed.

In previous releases, re-open the widget and populate the mandatory fields. Once the mandatory fields are populated, save the widget.

Related Problem: PRB730979

Seen In

Geneva Patch 7
Geneva Patch 8
Helsinki Patch 2
Helsinki Patch 3
Helsinki Patch 4
Helsinki Patch 6 Hot Fix 1

Fixed In


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