By the way, here is a workaround to this issue:

  1. perform the steps to perform the update even if it does not update the Category value to none (this step is necessary to create the Data Source and Transform Map)
  2. once the update has been performed and a new Data Source and Transform Map created, then locate and open the Transform Map created for this import/update
  3. Check the 'Copy empty fields' box on Transform Map record and save
  4. Locate the Data Soruce created during this import/update
  5. Click "Load All Records' to import, then transform the new import

Steps to Reproduce


Goto incident. Filter the list so only one record show that has a category.
- Right click > Import
- Select "Update" and click "Create Excel template"
- Open the excel. Find category and using the pulldown change it to "none". This actually sets the value to nothing.
- Click choose file and select the excel you just updated and click Upload.
- In the preview add category to the list. It will not have a value. Click "Complete Import"
- Category remains and is not changed to -- none --.


There can be many workarounds:


Create an Excel file type data source (https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/istanbul-servicenow-platform/page/administer/import-sets/reference/r_FileTypeDataSource.html#r_FileTypeDataSource)

Create a Transform Map for this Data Source

Make sure the checkbox "

Load the file


Once the data is loaded, bring up all the records in the list view which needs changing

Select all rows for the field that needs to be set to empty, and set all fields at once (100 rows at a time)


Related Problem: PRB1041428

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