Reports with a monthly interval using multiple datasets are displaying monthly data in wrong order. This behavior has been noticed so far with the languages Brazilian Portuguese and French.
[ April 2016 , May 2016 , June 2016 , July 2016 , Aug 2016 ]
This array in English language is correctly sorted left to right. After switching the instance language to Brazilian/Portuguese, the displayed order gets changed in an unpredictable way.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Login as admin on an instance with premium version of Performance Analytics in English language.
  2. Create a report as follows:

    Table : Incident
    Type : Line
    Trend By : Opened
    per: Month
    Aggregation : Count
  3. Create three data set for this report , with similar configuration:

    Data : table / Incident
    Type : Column
    Trend by : Opened
    per : Month
    Aggregation : Count
  4. Run this report with language set to English.
    Observe the X axis of the report shows the months in ascending order from left to right.
  5. Change the language to Brazilian Portuguese.
  6. Repeat steps 2-3.
    Observe the monthly ordering is changed and incoherent.


This problem is fixed in the Jakarta release. No workaround is applicable.

Related problem fixed in Istanbul Patch 8 and Jakarta:

PRB742213 - Performance Analytics: Report with multiple dataset does not display data after altering system date format from OOB value.

Related Problem: PRB741934

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 6 Hot Fix 1

Fixed In


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