Task records do not trigger SLAs if the SLAs Start and Stop conditions are met at the same time. In this case, the Task SLA is never created.

Steps to Reproduce

- Login to any ServiceNow instance using the legacy 2010 SLA engine
- Import the attached 'P5-SameStartandStopCondition' SLA definition
- Create a new incident and set the priority to 5 and Assignment Group as 'Database'
- Observe that no Task SLA is created because the SLAs Stop condition of 'State=New' is immediately met
- Edit the SLA to make the stop condition something else other than New and try it again by marking the new incident resolved and it will attach the sla.


The generation of Task SLA records when both Start and Stop match occurs only using the 2011 SLA engine. This is available on all Enterprise instances, but not on Express instances, which are instead based on the legacy 2010 engine.

SLA condition rules

Legacy SLA engines

In Enterprise, for the SLA that should always attach, use the Simple condition type on that SLA Definition. The only caveat is that Cancel and Resume conditions cannot be used when using the Simple condition type. If Cancel and Resume must be used then we recommend creating a new script include that extends SLAConditionBase that then overrides the attach method (using the contents of the attach method from SLAConditionSimple).

For Express, please refer to the documentation below:

Service level agreements (SLAs)

Understanding SLA measurements in Express

How the SLA engine works in Express – your FAQs answered


Related Problem: PRB724111

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Helsinki Patch 3 Hot Fix 5

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