If the system property glide.ui.glide_list.start.locked is disabled, the Business Duration field does not show any data.
If there is no data stored in the field, Business Duration shows 0 sec when glide.ui.glide_list.start.locked is set to true.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Login a demo instance.
  2. Set glide.ui.glide_list.start.locked property to false.
  3. Navigate to the incident form, and personalize the Form Layout, add new business_duration/duration field.
  4. View an incident record with existing log history, no data is displayed in the duration fields.


This is by design. The property glide.ui.glide_list.start.locked is set to true, as it is OOB setting in all current releases.

Related Problem: PRB592218

Seen In

Calgary Patch 2

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