When a Linux device has the ID_LIKE parameter configured in the OS release file, Discovery might incorrectly classify it.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. For example, run Discovery on a CentOS computer.

  2. If your Linux does not contain the ID_LIKE from the OS release file, add a line like ID_LIKE="rhel fedora" to your OS release file.

    "rhel fedora" is the name that Discovery will match first in the "Linux - Distribution" probe post-processor script before matching the name set by ID= in the os-release file. It will therefore create the CI classified as a Fedora device.



Exclude the problem line from the output of the probe by changing the "ECC queue name" field of the probe from

cat /etc/*release


cat /etc/*release | grep -v ID_LIKE

The post-probe script will then correctly identify the machine.

Related Problem: PRB942869

Seen In

Istanbul Patch 2
Istanbul Patch 3

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