Express to Enterprise migrated customers are not able to access guided setup. Error displays as 'Access to setWorkflow from scope sn_guided_setup has been refused due to api's cross scope access policy'. Sometimes only a load icon displays with a blank page.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Zboot into a Helsinki Express instance.

  2. Upgrade the instance to an Istanbul Enterprise instance

  3. Open any Guided Setup routine page. It is not accessible due to cross scope issues OR sometimes blank page is shown, with only a loading icon.


This problem causes two different types of issues, each with a different fix: a cross-scope issue and a load icon displaying with a blank page.

If you can upgrade, note the following permanent fixes for these issues:

  • The cross-scope issue is fixed in Kingston
  • The blank page issue is fixed in Istanbul Patch 7

Fix for the cross-scope issue:

  1. Navigate to the Guided Setup Change log (gsw_change_log) table and change the application access with read, create, update access for all application scopes.


  2. Similarly, navigate to the Guided Setup Status Of Content (gsw_status_of_content) table and follow the same process.


  3. Log out and log back in again.

  4. Try to access guided setup.


Fix for only the loading icon shown with a blank page:

  1. Log in as maint.

    WARNING: The next action will delete all the progress done in the routine to that point.

  2. Delete the table records of respective routine from the gsw_status_of_content table.

  3. Upgrade the metadata plugin for the respective Guided Setup routine.

  4. Try to access guided setup.



Related Problem: PRB753194

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 7

Fixed In

Istanbul Patch 7

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