When transforming import set data, Date/Time fields use the user's preferred date format which can conflict with the expected format.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a simple Excel or CSV data source.
  2. Create a transform map and have a field mapping from [sys_created_on] to another Date/Time field on the target table.
  3. Go to a valid User [sys_user] record and change their date_format to dd.MM.yyyy.
  4. Impersonate the user from step 3.
  5. Execute the data source.
    Note the error: Unable to format <date/time> using format string yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss for field <TARGET_DATE_FIELD>


On the transform map field mapping, change the Date format to be the same as the user's preferred format.

Related Problem: PRB643657

Seen In

Fuji Patch 11
Geneva Patch 8
Helsinki Patch 1
Helsinki Patch 2

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