Adding special characters (for example, French characters) to a UI page causes display errors for these characters when the page is displayed as a standalone page instead of inside the gsft_main frame (for example, /

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a new UI page.
  2. In the page body, add the following line: Su opinión es importante.
  3. Save the record.
  4. On the UI page record, click Try It to view the page within the iframe.
    Note that the characters are displayed correctly as "Su opinión es importante."
  5. Open the UI page as a standalone page by navigating to /<ui page sys id>.
    Note that the line on the UI page is displayed as "Su opinión es importante." The UI page contents should be displayed correctly again as "Su opinión es importante."


Call the UI page directly instead of passing it through Alternatively, ensure that UI page always opens in frame.
Instead of navigating to:
go to: 

Related Problem: PRB956239

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