There is no difference between live message records created through Journal field or through Live Feed UI.
Feedback on a knowledge article can be provided either through Live Feed or Legacy Feedback.
  • Feedback provided through legacy feedback is saved to kb_feedback table.
  • The property glide.knowman.use_live_feed allows a switch between them at any point of time.
  • The script engine KnowledgeCommentsEngine keeps both feedback systems in sync. For example, any change to a live feed comment is relayed to kb_feedback and vice versa.  
  • When a customer adds a journal input field to kb_knowledge table, any value posted to the journal input field is also relayed to legacy feedback kb_feedback by the script engine, as journal input values are saved to live_message table.
  • Due to this, Journal Input field values are being displayed as article feedback. There needs to be a way to differentiate between a live message record created through live feed UI vs a created through journal field.
Also, live feed does not display comments when journal input field is added to kb_knowledge table.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Add a new field of type Journal Input to the kb_knowledge form
  2. Navigate to any article and view the article using the related link
  3. While viewing the article, add feedback
  4. Navigate back to the article in kb_knowledge
  5. Enter text into the added journal field and post or save
  6. Add the Knowledge Feedback related list to the article record, and note the addition of a new record
  7. Click the View Article related link again to see the article noting the text submitted displayed as user feedback


This is by design. The workaround consists in not propagating the comments from live feed to Legacy Feedback table, and disabling the live feed commenting system on the article view page.
The Limitation of the above provided workaround is that customers will not be able to use Live Feed commenting system, as it may contain the Journal Entries, and anything entered into the live feed comments will also not be propagated to the Legacy Feedback table. So both the tables would no longer be in sync. This might end up in a situation where customers can use only the Legacy Feedback system.

Related Problem: PRB878095

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 4
Helsinki Patch 5

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