Committing update sets with tens of thousands of updates in them can fail. Clicking the Commit button does not start the process - the progress bar for the commit process does not appear.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a large update with 40.000+ customer updates.
  2. Mark the update as complete.
  3. Retrieve the large update set into the target instance.
  4. Ensure that the UI Transaction Quota Rule is configured as base system ("out of the box").
  5. Preview the update set.
  6. Press the Commit button once.
  7. Wait for five minutes (this is the UI Transaction Quota rule cut-off time).
    Note that, instead of the progress worker bar showing the stage of the commit process, the transaction counter starts counting on top of the form until the transaction is cancelled by the UI Transaction Quota Rule.


As a general recommendation, avoid excessive merging of update sets. Update sets need to be manageable when it comes to the number of customer updates they contain.

If, however, update sets were already merged and the final update set is causing this issue, review the UI Transaction Quota rule. Exclude the update set commit UI transaction from the rule to allow the instance to process the transaction that will start the commit process:

  1. Navigate to System Definition > Transaction Quota Rules.
  2. Search for SYS_ID of 88fe39123701200024d1973ebebe5dfd.
  3. Update the condition on the record to include: [URL] [does not contain] [sysparm_processor=UpdateSetCommitAjax].

Related Problem: PRB961280

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 9a
Istanbul Patch 5

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