In Automated Test Framework, Duration (Days and Hours) cannot be set for the Repeat field.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create an Automated Test Framework test.
  2. Add the steps:
    • Open a New Form: [Table] - [sys_trigger]
    • Set Field Values: [Name] - [Job] [Trigger type ] - [Repeat] [Repeat] = [Days- 2 , Hours: 02:03:04] Click on Submit
      Note that the Set Field Values step shows [Days and Hours] set, but the Submit a Form step shows the field values as empty. 
    • Submit a Form Step
    • Record Validate - [Record] - Remember Values from the Submit Form Step [Field Values] - Repeat - [ Days - 2 , Hours - 02:03:04 ]
  3. Run the test.
    Note that the test fails in the Validate step.

    Output: Record '(sys_id)', in table 'sys_trigger', did not match conditions: repeat=javascript:gs.getDurationDate('2 2:3:4')^EQ


Currently, there is no official workaround for this problem.

However, for example, if you want a date that is two days before today, one suggestion is to write a scripted server-side step or step config to do the calculation and output the date as a string into an output variable that you can then input into another step. 

Related Problem: PRB712630

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