The Field Values Validation step cannot store multi-line string content. It uses a Condition builder, which does not support multi-line strings. This is working as designed.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create an automated test case (Navigate to Automated Test Framework >Test >New).
  2. Add a step for Open a new form for Demand [dmn_demand].
  3. Add a step to Set Field Values.
  4. Specify to set the Description field to have a string that has a couple of paragraphs with a paragraph in between. For example:

    This is the description for my DEMAND item for testing.

    I have a whole bunch of enhancements to the system that I want.

  5. Add a test step to Validate Field Values.
  6. Specify to validate the Description field (tried IS , CONTAINS).
  7. In the field that has the value to validate, paste in the string that was specified in step 4.
  8. Complete any other fields or steps needed to enable the Run Test button.
  9. Run the test.

Results: Description strings fail to match and test step fails. Steps 1 and 2 pass, but step 3 fails.


Use multiple AND conditions with 'field contains' semantics to allow for validating multiple blocks of text.

Related Problem: PRB823832

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