When you try to use Export to PDF for a form that contains empty Translated HTML field, the instance throws an error.

Steps to Reproduce


Export from a Form that contains an empty field of type Translated HTML.

  1. Create a new table.
  2. Create a column name on that table of type String.
  3. Create a column html_test on that table of type Translated HTML field.
  4. Open the form for the new table.
  5. Fill in data on the field name but not on html_test.
  6. Save the record.
  7. Open the record again.
  8. Right click on the form header and select Export to PDF.


The following error appears:

2016-05-03 16:09:27 (073) glide.background.generation.f7904a679f031200ef4afa7dc67fcf24 SYSTEM SEVERE *** ERROR *** java.lang.NullPointerException
at java.io.StringReader.<init>(StringReader.java:50)
at com.glide.generators.PDFCellPhrase.addCell(PDFCellPhrase.java:61)
at com.glide.generators.PDFGenerator.addCell(PDFGenerator.java:877)
at com.glide.generators.PDFGenerator.addColumn(PDFGenerator.java:1277)
at com.glide.generators.PDFGenerator.addColumns(PDFGenerator.java:1272)
at com.glide.generators.PDFGenerator.fillListRows(PDFGenerator.java:1095)
at com.glide.generators.PDFGenerator.generateListData(PDFGenerator.java:1026)
at com.glide.generators.PDFGenerator.generateList(PDFGenerator.java:456)
at com.glide.generators.PDFGenerator.generate(PDFGenerator.java:353)
at com.glide.generators.BackGroundGenerationThread.run(BackGroundGenerationThread.java:67)


Make the Translated HTML field mandatory. The error occurs only when the field is empty.

Related Problem: PRB675508

Seen In

Fuji Patch 10
Fuji Patch 12 Hot Fix 1
Fuji Patch 13 Hot Fix 1
Geneva Patch 10
Geneva Patch 3
Geneva Patch 3 Hot Fix 2
Geneva Patch 4 Hot Fix 6
Geneva Patch 5
Geneva Patch 6
Geneva Patch 6 Hot Fix 2
Geneva Patch 7
Helsinki Patch 2
Helsinki Patch 5

Fixed In

Helsinki Patch 7

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