When a tag is created and then made viewable by a particular group, the group members should be able to add that tag to Incident or other records by double-clicking on the Tags column in list view. In List v3, even though added tags are visible in list view, when a group member double-clicks on the Tab column, the tags do not appear in the pop-up list.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Make sure the List V3 plugin is activated

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Activate List v3.

  2. Log in to the instance as an admin user.

  3. Create a group named "Test Group" and add a user (for example, the demo user Beth Anglin) as a member of that group.

    For more information, see the documentation topic Create a group.

  4. Create a tag called "Test Tag" and make it visible for Test Group.

    For more information about creating tags and setting tag sharing levels, see the documentation topic Tags.

  5. Impersonate Beth Anglin.

  6. Navigate to Incident > Open, click the gear icon, and use the slushbucket to add the Tags column to the list view.

  7. Double-click in the Tags column of any incident entry in the list view.

    The Edit Tags pop-up window appears.

  8. Add Test Tag from the available tags.

    Note that the new tag appears in the list view.

  9. Double-click in the Tabs column for that incident again.

    Note that "Test Tag" is not visible in the pop-up window even though it is associated with the incident.



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Helsinki Patch 8
Istanbul Patch 3
Istanbul Patch 4

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