A vCenter event collector context that was running on a Fuji or Geneva instance is not running after the instance is upgraded to Helsinki or later. Either of these errors can occur:

  • Context form shows: State = Error, Error Message = "Parameter ContextData must be specified".
  • Context form show: State = Starting but never transitions to Started state.

The MID Server log shows: "SEVERE *** ERROR *** Error in executing Extension ECCMessage: Parameter ContextData must be specified
com.snc.automation_common.mid.extension.api.InvalidExtensionParameterException: Parameter ContextData must be specified"

Steps to Reproduce

  1. In the Fuji or Geneva instance, navigate to MID Server > Extensions > vCenter Event Collectors and create a new context.

  2. Click Start in Related Links.

    The Status field shows that the context is Started.

  3. Upgrade the instance to Helsinki.

  4. Navigate to MID Server > Extensions > vCenter Event Collectors and open the event collector context record.

    Note that the Status field shows either Error or Starting, but the status never transitions to Started.


This is expected behaviour. As a workaround, after the instance upgrade is complete, click Start on the context form. The State changes to Started within a minute or so.

Related Problem: PRB665809

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