When creating interactive filters, you can only choose from global tables, but you can work around this by switching scopes. However, you cannot change the scope of an interactive filter.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Install Security Incident Response, or any other scoped application.
  2. Navigate to Reports > Interactive Filters, and create a new interactive filter.
  3. For Types Reference, Choice, Boolean, try to select the Security Incident Response table as your filter table.

Security Incident Response tables only appear after changing the application scope.



This problem was fixed in Jakarta. An earlier workaround consisted of the following steps:

  1. In the Choice List section of the new Interactive Filter form, right-click on the word Tables and select Configure Dictionary.
  2. In the Related Links section, select the Attributes tab and click New.
  3. As a SN maint administrator, set the Attribute to Allow public, the Value to true, and click Submit.

This allowed to create filters on scoped application tables, without switching the scope.


Related Problem: PRB717396

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Helsinki Patch 3

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