MID Server synchronization of patterns sometimes fails.


Steps to Reproduce

This issue is not easily reproducible. When investigating the reason for failure, some things should be considered:

  1. Looking at the ECC Queue, check whether any MID Server processed SystemCommand.

  2. If these tasks were indeed processed, check the MID log for errors.

    If there are any issues with the file synchronization, you should see them in the log.

  3. If no file exists, it's written explicitly in the grabLog input record.


This problem was fixed in Jakarta. On earlier instances it is necessary to force synchronization by clicking on the "Synchronize with MID Servers" UI Action:

  1. Navigate to Pattern Designer > Discovery Patterns and click Grab NDL File from MID Server.
  2. Click Synchronize with MID Servers.  This sets the sys_updated_on timestamp field to the current datetime.
  3. Restart the MID servers and run quick Discovery.


Related Problem: PRB703016

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