Exporting an import template containing a currency output field and attempting to save it as an Excel template file locally fails. The import template has zero bytes and cannot be opened.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to Asset > Portfolios > Hardware Assets.

  2. Right-click a column header and choose Import.

  3. Select the Update option and click Create Excel template.

    Wait for the export to complete.

  4. Click Download and save the file locally.

  5. Try to open the xlsx file. The file size shows Zero bytes and an error message appears.




Create an xls template rather than an xlsx template:

  1. Set the system property glide.legacy.excel.export to true.
  2. During the template creation, choose the XLS file type.
  3. Continue the update process using the xls file instead of the xlsx file.

Related Problem: PRB933291

Seen In


Fixed In

Istanbul Patch 9
Jakarta Patch 3

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