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Istanbul Patch 2

Issue Description:
The user is trying to use glideOverlay as the popup on the UI Macro Fill Out Risk Assessment. When it is used, the questions are hidden. I have worked with Cameron Richard, and we have determined that it is caused by self closing span tags being rendered incorrectly in the HTML. He is doing some digging and will update this PRB as he finds out more information.


Steps to Reproduce


  1. Go to All Change requests.
  2. Click on any change request in Draft state.
  3. Click on Fill Risk Assessment.
  4. You will notice that questions do not display on the assessment.


Dev team has provided a temporary fix for this issue.

  1. Create an UI Macro with the name question_label_mandatory
    2. Copy the content from the attached xml

Please make sure you advise customers to remove this UI macro when they go for upgrade, as SN will not be responsible for issues when they upgrade and things break because of this macro.

Related Problem: PRB860988

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Istanbul Patch 5

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