If you collect scores, including breakdowns, for a certain date and then recollect scores for that same date after excluding certain breakdowns, some of the 2nd-level scores associated with the excluded breakdowns are deleted, and some are not.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a data collection job for the indicator Number of Open Incidents with all breakdowns.
  2. Run the data collection job.
  3. Check that scores have been collected for the breakdown Age and for the breakdown combination Priority - Planning / Age.
  4. Change the data collection job to exclude the Age breakdown.
  5. Run the data collection job again for the same day.

Expected result:
All scores associated with the Age breakdown are deleted.

Actual result:
Scores for the breakdown combination Priority / Age as well as Category / Age are gone. Certain other scores are kept, such as for Assignment Group / Age.


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