On Service Portal, when using the Form widget to either create a new record or update an existing one containing a Time (glide_time) field, the value of the time field is incremented by one hour every time. This issue has been observed only for specific time zones, which so far include Europe/Dublin and Europe/London.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Add a time field to a form.

    1. Navigate to Incident > Create New.

    2. Right-click on form header to bring up the context menu and choose Configure > Form Layout.

    3. Create a new field with the following values:

      Name: Test Time
      Database column name: u_test_date
      Type: Time

    4. Click Add.

    5. Use the slushbucket to move the field directly after the Configuration item field so that it is easily visible on the form.

  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right of the instance header, under Time Zone select Europe/Dublin, and close the window.

  3. Create a new incident record.

    1. Go to the incident table (https://<instance_name>/sp?id=form&table=incident&sys_id=1).

    2. Fill in the mandatory fields.

    3. For the Test Time field, use the value 12:00:00.

    4. Click Save to save the form

      This creates a new incident. Note that the value of the Test Time field changed to 13:00:00.

  4. Without changing any values on the form, click Save again.

    Note that the value of the Test Time field changed to 14:00:00. Each save has incremented the value by one hour.


Only known workaround at this time is to make the field read-only or remove it from the form view.

Related Problem: PRB933016

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