setVisible is not working on catalog client scripts and does not hide variables in Service Portal.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Variables > Variable Sets.
  2. Click New to create a new Variable Set.
  3. Add a name, right-click the header, and Save the form.
  4. Under the Variables tab, click New to create a new variable set.
  5. On the Type field, choose Single Line Test.
  6. Under the Question tab, enter a question and name.
  7. Right-click the header and Save the form.
  8. Create an OnLoad Catalog Client Script to Hide the variable from the variable set:

    function onLoad()
    //Type appropriate comment here, and begin script below
    g_form.setVisible('testVS', false);

  9. Open record producer Emergency Change:
  10. In the Related Links section under the Variable Sets tab, add the newly created variable to the record producer.
  11. Right-click the header and Save the form.
  12. Click the Try It button and note that the variable set is hidden:

  13. From the Service Portal home page, navigate to Service Catalog > Can We Help You? > Emergency Change and note that the variable set is displayed on the form. This expected behavior is the same outside of Service Portal; however, setVisible does not work in Service Portal: 


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