Records form header still displays user presence icon for users who have left the record.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Open three different sessions using different browsers or incognito windows.

  2. Impersonate a different user in each session.

  3. In each session navigate to Incident > Open and open the same incident.

    The form header shows the user presence icons (circles showing the user's initials or supplied picture) for the two other users accessing the incident record.

  4. Log out one user.

  5. Reload the form in the other two sessions.

    Notice one of the user presence icons still displays the logged-out user.



This behaviour is by design, due to the timeout in place for Presence. By default 2 minutes after the last update, the logged out user icon goes away. This can be changed editing the value of the system property 'glide.ui.presence.time_back_minutes', for example reducing to one minute, setting the value to '1'.
Further, Presence caches the logged in users for 5 seconds by default. This can be changed editing the value of the property 'glide.ui.presence.cache_seconds'.

Related Problem: PRB903040

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