When adding a URL type gauge in the homepage, and then modify/increase the height of the widget, the content of the gauge does not resize with the widget (i.e. The iFrame inside the widget does not resize). This issue only happens in Internet Explorer 11 and happens for all users, including maint.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Open the instance using the Internet Explorer 11 browser.
  2. From the homepage, click the Add content button.
  3. Select the following from the popup window:
    • Gauges > Other > Response Times
  4. Click on any of the Add here buttons to add the widget to the homepage.
  5. Close the popup window.
  6. From the homepage, click on the gear icon on the top-right corner of the widget's title bar.
  7. Set the height to 600px and click Done.
  8. Note that the content of the widget does not get resized along with the widget, even though the iFrame should adjust to fit the widget height.


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