A ServiceNow instance automatically tests the MID Server ability to upgrade prior to the actual upgrade. Errors, such as insufficient disk space for the installer or failure to connect to, are written to both the MID Server agent log and to the MID Server Issue [ecc_agent_issue] table. These test failures block the upgrade, allowing the administrator to resolve issues that could cause a MID Server outage or require reinstallation.

For details about all pre-upgrade tests and the procedure for disabling automatic testing, see MID Server pre-upgrade check.


Non-blocking warnings

Warnings published by the instance for issues regarding Windows logged on users do not block the upgrade and may or may not cause the upgrade to fail. These issues are unlikely to occur, but in the event they are written to the MID Server Issue [ecc_agent_issue] table, the administrator should investigate them.

  • WARN: Unable to parse $logOnAsUser: This message warns that the Log On As User value for the Windows service is not in either of these expected formats:
    • domain\user
  • WARN: Unable to look up Log On As user's groups: When the instance attempts to look up the logged on user's group memberships, it executes the net user <username> command. The instance expects a certain output structure by the Windows service from this command and issues this warning if the expected output does not match the actual output.


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