After a new certificate was created, but no other changes were done to the push notifications, push notifications stopped working.

Restarting the application nodes fixed the issue due to cache refresh.

Steps to Reproduce

In an existing and working custom push application, change the certificate content, but do not make any changes to the sys_push_notification record.

Push notifications will stop working due to incorrect certificate because the cached certificate is used, rather than the changed one.

Error logs show:

06:19:46.960 Info worker.5 worker.5 Starting: Push.4ed15122ff233100973xxfffffffff06, Trigger Type: Interval, Priority: 25, Upgrade Safe: true, Repeat: 5 Seconds
06:19:46.960 Info worker.5 worker.5 Name: Push
Job Context:
#Wed Mar 08 06:18:46 PST 2017

06:19:46.963 Info worker.5 worker.5 origin=push elapsed=0 count=2 Claim work
06:19:46.982 Info worker.5 worker.5 origin=push elapsed=793982 id=80a79bf2xx557a00be3470edae9619bc Forward Push received
06:19:48.693 Error worker.5 worker.5 SEVERE *** ERROR *** app="customnotification" request=xxxxx origin=push platform="Apple Sandbox" elapsed=1711 network error
com.notnoop.exceptions.NetworkIOException: javax.net.ssl.SSLException: Received fatal alert: internal_error


Modify the custom push application record, any field will do.

This forces the certificate to be reloaded.


Related Problem: PRB878576

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