In the output ecc queue record, the source value is truncated at 120 chars. Note that the parameters in payload have "source" parameter with the complete URL.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create an outbound SOAP or REST message with an endpoint that is longer than 120 characters.
    2. Invoke the SOAP message using executeAsync(). (For more information, see SOAPMessageV2 - executiveAsync() or RESTMessageV2 - executeAsync().)
        Note that the endpoint in the topic or source is truncated.

         ecc_queue source and topic





If you need to use the ecc_queue topic/source values, ensure that the endpoints are no longer than 120 characters.

Note that if the endpoint is longer than 120 characters, it will be truncated. Ensure that the data is sent on the actual payload and avoid using the URL.

Issue fixed in Istanbul for REST and SOAP. SOAP executeAsync still has problem but wont be fixed as executeAsync in SOAP is legacy and behaves similar to execute. Use execute() instead

Related Problem: PRB677325

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