In Express, the Approve action on a Change Request skips the run-after approval rules and makes the related approval task no longer requested.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to an Express instance as administrator.
  2. Create a new approval rule (import the attached XML) Normal Change - 2nd Approval on a Normal Change Request for a certain category. Set it to run after the existing Normal Change - CAB Approval.
  3. Create a new Normal Change Request where the existing rule Normal Change - CAB Approval can trigger.
  4. Click on Request Approval.
  5. Log in as one of the change approvers who has access to the Approve context menu action.
  6. Open a change request list, right-click on the previously created change number, and select Approve.
    Observe the change is in Approved state, with all the approval tasks in No Longer Required, and no pending run-after approval tasks.


This is expected behavior.

When a Change Request record is Approved directly, instead of going through its related approvers, all of the related approval rules will stop running, because the parent [task] record has been approved.

When right-clicking Approve from the Approvers related list instead, the record being approved is on [sysapproval_approver], and the approval rules, including the run-after, are executed as expected.

Related Problem: PRB755178

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Last Updated:2018-11-27 03:28:36
sysrule_approvals (table=change_request^name=Normal Change - 2nd Approval).xml