When a failure to communicate with the WMI Collector occurs during top-down discovery, the business service map in Service Mapping displays the warning icon (Warning icon) on top or instead of the configuration item.

The following error message displays for the configuration item: 

Failed to communicate with the WMI collector 


Possible Cause 1

On versions prior to Istanbul, .Net Framework v3.5 may be not installed on the MID Server.


Resolution 1

Download and install .NET 3.5 on the MID Server.


Possible Cause 2

The WMI Collector is stopped.


Resolution 2

Connect using remote desktop to the MID Server and start or restart the service ServiceNow WMI Collector.


Possible Cause 3

The WMI Collector service is started on the MID Server, but it does not listen on IP This may occur on MID Servers with multiple IP addresses.


Resolution 3

Add the parameter on the MID Server. Set its value to the IP address of the MID Server. For more information, see the documentation on how to Add MID Server parameter.

If the problem still exists, even if the WMI Collector service is running, run the netstat –ano | findstr 8585 command to check if there is a process listening on the port used for communication between the MID Server and the WMI Collector.

Verify that the result is: TCP TCP [::]:8585 [::]:0.

If there is a process listening on the port, but it is bound to IP, which is not, configure the MID parameter to have this IP address. 


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