Resolving the issue of SSH command time out during discovery in Service Mapping



  • The business service map displays the warning icon (Warning icon) on top or instead of the configuration item.
  • The following error message displays for the configuration item: 
    SSH command timed out on host

Possible Cause

Service Mapping uses the SSH command that is taking longer than expected. It may happen if this command is performing an extensive search on the file system.


Resolution 1

Modify the pattern used for discovery of this configuration item so that this command takes less time.

Resolution 2

Modify the MID Server property controlling the SSH initial connection timeout:

  1. Add the property for the MID Server used to discover the problematic configuration item. For operational instructions, see Create MID Server Properties.
  2. Set the value of the newly added property to be more than 60000 milliseconds (Default value).


Article Information

Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:23:29