"com.glide.notification.inbound.EmailWrapper@******" appended to records when an email is received


"com.glide.notification.inbound.EmailWrapper@******" is appended to records when an email is received



Emails are processed by inbound actions when they arrive in the instance. The inbound Aation contains a script that is used to extract data from the email and update fields in the target record. When the script contains "email.body" instead of "email.body_text", unexpected text is extracted and used to populate the target record.


Update the script in the appropriate inbound action to replace "email.body" with "email.body_text" or "email.body_html".

For example, in the Create Incident inbound action provided with the instance:            
current.comments = "received from: " + email.origemail + "\n\n" + email.body_text;

For more information about email variables, see the product documentation topic Accessing email objects with variables.

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