Windows Wrapper Service is set to startup type Manual after edge proxy initial install and subsequent upgrades

On install, the Windows Wrapper Service startup yype should be set to Automatic and should not be modified from its current pre-upgrade setting after an upgrade takes place.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Do a normal Windows installation of the Edge Proxy
  2. When the Windows wrapper service is installed, it sets the startup type to Manual, this should be set to Automatic
  3. After the install, if the startup type is changed from Manual to Automatic, and at some point in the future do an upgrade, following the documentation:

The Startup Type is set back to the default of Manual. The Startup Type should not be changed by the upgrade, it should remain in its original pre-upgrade setting.


On the Windows machine where the Edge Proxy is installed, open Services, and then find the Service with the Name of Wrapper. 

Double left click to open the Wrapper Properties, use the Startup type dropdown to select the Desired value. For example, change from Manual to Automatic and select OK.

Related Problem: PRB855926

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