Multiple tables have more than one field marked Display=True. Therefore, the display field returned when using a script or SQL query, for example, varies, which might cause data discrepancies. Although the current business rule restricts setting up multiple display fields from the UI, it is possible through other methods such as XML Import, Commit of an Update set, Upgrade, revert to Base, and so on.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to

  2. Set a filter to [Display] [is] [True] and click Run.

  3. Use the drop-down menu on the Table column and choose Group by Table.

    Note that multiple tables have a count larger than 1.

    Name count(*) 
     sc_catalog      2
     sc_cat_item_guide_items      3
    sc_ic_category_request      2
    sc_ic_req_item_task_defn      2
    sc_ic_task_defn      2
    sc_layout_column_mtom      2
    sc_layout_column_nd_mtom      2



  1. Navigate to System Definitions > Tables.

  2. For the affected tables, update the display value to the recommended values in the following table.

    Name Display Field 
     sc_catalog title
     sc_cat_item_guide_items item
     sc_ic_category_request title
    sc_ic_req_item_task_defn short_description
     sc_layout_column_mtom title
    sc_layout_column_nd_mtom title

Related Problem: PRB756489

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