ESS login page is displayed after user is authenticated using SSO.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Configure the instance with multi-provider SSO.

    For more information, see the documentation topic Setting up multi-provider SSO.

  2. Configure the ESS site.

  3. Go to https://<instance_name>.service-now.com/ess.

  4. After being authenticated by IdP and redirected to the instance, close the browser.

  5. Open the browser, and go to https://<instance_name>.service-now.com/ess again.

    Instead of seeing the homepage of the ESS site, the login page appears despite the user session being active.




Helsinki: Set the glide.ui.user_activity_cookie system property to false.

On Geneva (remove before you upgrade):

Add a business rule to the sys_user_token table to disable the Session Transfer (glide_user_activity cookie) feature. For releases starting with Helsinki, setting the glide.ui.user_activity_cookie to false disables the feature and is the preferred approach.

The business rule will also disable the "Remember me" feature.

When: Before
On: Insert/Update
(function executeRule(current, previous /*null when async*/) {
current.token = "";
})(current, previous);

Add the the following property:
Name: glide.ui.user_activity_cookie
Type: true / false
Value: false

Related Problem: PRB676478

Seen In

Geneva Patch 4
Geneva Patch 5
Geneva Patch 6 Hot Fix 2
Geneva Patch 7
Helsinki Patch 4

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