Data loss can occur when attempting to update records with edge encrypted fields. This is due to a defect in the handling of the multiple update function in a list view.

When selecting Update All or Updated Selected in a list view in which the selected records have edge encrypted fields, the values of edge encrypted fields are nullified after the Update button is submitted. If updating the value of an encrypted field to something not null, the field successfully updates, but all other encrypted fields are nullified. If updating an unencrypted field, all encrypted fields are nullified. Unencrypted fields are not affected.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to an instance that has the Edge Encryption plugin enabled and encryption configurations on fields.
  2. Navigate to a list view for records with encrypted fields, such as Incident > All Incidents.
  3. Run a query for a subset of records.
    Note that the encrypted fields can be seen in gray and cannot be queried.
  4. In one of the column labels, right click and select Update All or Update Selected.
    A new empty form opens.
  5. Perform one of the following:
    1. Make no changes, or make a change to a single unencrypted field
    2. Change the value of an encrypted field to something not null
  6. Click Update.
    • If change a. was performed in step 5, note that all encrypted fields for the selected records now have an empty value
    • if change b. was performed in step 5, note that the changed field was successfully updated, but all other encrypted fields are now blank - unencrypted fields are not affected.


There are two options available to remove the risk of data loss. For the first option, an update set can be applied to the instance changing the logic that is causing the data loss. The second option involves removing the feature that triggers the data loss.

Option 1

Log an incident with ServiceNow Customer Support, referencing problem number PRB762588. After scheduling a change, the support engineer can implement the update set.

Option 2

Disable the Update All and Update Selected options by following these steps:

If using List v2

Disable Update All and Update Selected through UI context menus.

  1. Navigate to System UI > Context Menus.  
  2. Deactivate the Update All and Update Selected options. 

If using List v3

Disable List v3 and revert to List v2:

  1. Navigate to System Properties > List v3.
  2. Clear the Enable List v3 option.
  3. Clear List v2 Update All and Update Selected options as described above.

Related Problem: PRB762588

Seen In

Istanbul Patch 1

Fixed In

Geneva Patch 11
Helsinki Patch 10
Istanbul Patch 3
Istanbul Patch 4

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