Updating labels containing special accents or characters (i.e. in French, German, Japanese) via the Form Designer can result in HTML-encoded strings being inserted as labels rather than the expected characters in the chosen language. The Form Designer will show unexpected HTML characters, for example "Resumé" will be changed to "Resumé".

Steps to Reproduce

In a Helsinki instance:

  1. Activate an additional language translations plugin, i.e. Japanese.
  2. Once the plugin is activated, create a new custom table with 2 string fields (test1 and test2).
  3. Navigate to the table list view and click New.
  4. Change the language to Japanese.
  5. Open Form Designer on the form with the 2 test fields and change them to the following:
    • test1 to: 名前
    • test2 to: ホソダ
  6. Click Save.
  7. Close the Form Designer and refresh the form to see the newly renamed fields.
  8. Open Form Designer again.
  9. Delete a character without modifying the other label, and save again.
  10. Refresh the form.

Note that one label is HTML-encoded, and the one that you modified is saved correctly.


This problem was fixed in late Helsinki, Istanbul and onwards.

On earlier instances, use the legacy Form Layout configuration tool, instead of the Form Designer.

When using Form Designer with a translated language, copy and paste every value into each field every time you save the form.

This issue should not occur if you do the following:
* Change from a foreign language to English
* Open form design
* Make changes
* Save form design
* Change back to the foreign language.

All the labels will still show the proper values. Though, if you created new fields you will need to generate new labels.

Related Problem: PRB681264

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 0 Hot Fix 1
Helsinki Patch 1
Helsinki Patch 3

Fixed In

Helsinki Patch 5

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