When using a Performance Analytics dashboard with a RealTime Score widget with Uber Or condition and breakdown element, the widget does not update without a browser refresh.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. In Performance Analytics, create an indicator source for the Incident table with the conditions: "Active is true" uber or "Active is false."

  2. Create an indicator with the newly created indicator source and the following values:

    Breakdown "Incident Priority"
    Conditions "Priority is 1-Critical" uber or "Priority is 2-High"
    Show real-time score selected.

  3. Create a real-time score widget for the indicator from Step 2. Select the follow element checkbox.

  4. Create a Performance Analytics dashboard with the breakdown Incident Priority and add the new real-time widget on it.

  5. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards and view the new dashboard.
  6. Select the breakdown element 1-Critical.

  7. In another browser tab, create a new incident with the priority 1-Critical.

    Note that instead of the value in real-time widget incrementing, the value is updated only after refreshing the widget frame.


Refresh the widget frame to see the updated value.

Related Problem: PRB724359

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