Edge Encryption Proxy Error "Failed to load encryption rules"



 You start the Edge Encryption proxy and see an error similar to this in the logfile proxy_installation_location/logs/edgeencryption.log:

2017-01-27 10:39:58,744 ERROR Encryption rules for post were deleted from the ServiceNow instance. Contact support to restore the encryption rules.

2017-01-27 10:39:58,744 ERROR Failed to load encryption rules from the ServiceNow instance: Failed to load rules.



The Edge Encryption rules have failed validation with respect to syntax, signature, or deletion. 

The proxy keeps a local copy of the Edge Encryption rules in the encryptionconfiguration.json file and in the /rules folder on the proxy.  The error occurs if there is a rules mismatch between the instance and the proxy.

If there is a validation problem, the trust is broken and the proxy only trusts its local copies until recovery.



Remove the rules-related files from the proxy and obtain them from the instance.  Repeat this for each proxy on the instance, one proxy at a time.

  1. If the proxy is already running shut it down.

  2. On the Edge Encryption proxy server machine, go to the directory proxy_installation_location/conf.
  3. Remove or rename the encryptionconfiguration.json file.

  4. Go to proxy_installation_location/rules.

  5. Remove all of the files in this /rules directory.

    For example, the files in the /rules directory will usually be:

    • encryptionGetRules.js
    • encryptionPostRules.js
    • getRulesSysIds
    • postRulesSysIds
  6. Start the proxy again.

    The rules-related error should be gone, and a new encryptionconfiguration.json file and new files should be created in the /rules folder from the instance

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